Thursday, July 24, 2014

The world is a savage place because it's Savage Daddy's world.

The world of roleplaying games has come a long way since 1974.
A whole slew of games has exploded on the scene in the past 40 years and many of them have created new and interesting ways to tell the kind of stories that have made big splashes on the silver screen.

One of the biggest breaches in the walls of RPGdome is the ability to effectively play the rat pack in Ocean's Eleven.

The RPG market as a whole has attempted to fill this void in gaming in the past with various games that seemed to be carbon copies of past games with some heist flavor text on top. To me, that always seemed like putting whipped cream on a steak and calling it an apple pie. So these games while they inspired me to part with my dollars never inspired me to run a game. Nor did they entice me or inspire me to come up with a solution of my own so i happily continued playing the games i enjoyed knowing well that a good heist was just something that was never going to work well.

But hold the phone!

+Jerrod Gunning, having heard of my dilema bent to the task of fixing the issue. What he returned with has made me look at the concept again. With 23 pages he paints a picture of possibility that allows both DM and Player to get on the bandwagon of running a good heist.

With clearly written explanations and directions as to how best get your group robbing banks and knocking over casinos. The rules are simple, sweet and short. Allowing any savage worlds DM to pick up the supplement and get straight to prepping for a night of criminal masterminds in the time it takes to eat the aforementioned steak.

So if you have ever asked yourself how to run something like the Leverage TV shows or a good James Bond flick. Jerrod has that little bit of inspiration that can take your savage worlds games, dare i say any game you wish to play, into a place where good old Frank Sinatra would be right at home.

Best of all, he has done all of this out of the goodness of his heart and offers it to you, goodly gamer, at no cost whatsoever beyond your time.

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