Monday, July 21, 2014

Chthonic Codex Volume 1 Cryptic Creatures

Hey there sports fan!

Now, i don't know about you. But old school tomes of critters are some of the most fertile ground for adventure i have ever known. Each page describes a new and mostly unpleasant ways to die at the hands of some sort of shambling fantasy creature, followed with a drawing of said creature that you can spook your players with.

+Paolo Greco's first book of the Chthonic Codex is similar to many varied Monsters Manuals that any goodly gamer should be familiar with. And if you are looking to add some spice to your long standing OSR game this book is full of new horrors that go bump in the darkness and all the stats you need to get that TPK you have been dreaming about.

One of my personal favorites to be found in this book is the dreaded Bearowl. Born of magic the beast has thwarted current magical PTBs ability to recreate a flying bear. Yet in some sections of the world the skies are darkened by such critters and this beast will make quick work of an unwary party of adventures.

While this product is full of great ideas, the art leaves something to be desired in places while some of it looks so poor as to be on level with my personal lack of skill, yet i am still very much a fan of simple 1980's style found in old D&D books and modules. So while some of the art isn't wonderful, it is very evocative of "the good old days" for many gamers out there.

Finally, for all of this goodness the price tag sits at 6 bucks for the 64 page PDF and i hear tell that a print version is in the works for those of you out there like me who like to be able to kill spiders with your gaming material.


  1. *coughcough*bearowl*cough*