Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to a place of landmines, history and 2 cups of anger in every box.

Guardian East's August Issue

When you try to put your characters in dangerous situations in interesting places. There is no place like a country that has not that long ago been the site of a war.

Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo make up a goodly chunk of eastern europe and when i was there last there were 3 land mines for each man, woman and child.

This made taking a walk a whole hell of allot more interesting.

Today things are changing in the Balkans. But if history is any indicator, a shit storm is brewing somewhere in the mountains and fields.

The Guardian is a KFOR news magazine and it could bring a new perspective to your games and settings. Because in most settings, the environment isn't out to turn you into pink mist. This can add an element often found in high fantasy games into your modern day adventures.

What places inspire your gaming?
What places can you think of that has an equally dangerous environment for your gaming group?

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