Sunday, August 11, 2013

Isn't Odd.

Greetings and Salutations!

I got to thinking about oddities in Numenera.
This is something that i enjoy about roleplaying games. It's the spark of inspiration and the drive to create something in this new and strange world. To look at the setting and find some small part that inspires you is a wonderful feeling, but i digress to the things people would be interested in.


  1. A small metal cap that constantly plays the same 5 images.
  2. A jar shaped like a small unknown animal that makes beat noises when opened.
  3. A flexible piece of synth that displays odd pictures surrounded by text in an unknown language
  4. A bottle that constantly refills itself with water.
  5. A set of small stones that vibrate when within 2 meters of each other.
  6. A silver disk that appears to be made of metal, yet feels like animal fur.
  7. A key that beeps loudly when near a lock it can not open.
  8. A small bottle that emits different smells each time it is opened.
  9. A set of comfortable shoes that seem to be made of some indestructible material.
  10. A Jacket that seems to always be two sizes to small on any wearer.
  11. A Mirror that shows a constant flow of symbols across the bottom.
  12. A small egg like object that tattoos the bearer with unknown symbols.
  13. A magnet that causes all metals it sticks to rust at a frightening pace.
  14. A belt that makes the wearer look fit and trim.
  15. An odd looking cap that fits no one properly.
  16. A helmet that fills the wearers ears with white noise.
  17. A glove that allows the wearer to draw poor but recognizable images.
  18. Socks that keep feet dry in any condition.
  19. Glasses made for a being with compound eyes
  20. A knitted cap for beings with antenna. 

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