Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gems and shameless self promotion.

Hey there friendly internetlandia neighbor!

While many of you know me as the mad man on your computer screen who talks ad nauseum about games and gaming. You may not know that every once in awhile i do write something original.

Now, i have attempted to write with people in the past, varying degrees of success.
Well this time +Cameron Corniuk and i have cooked up something awesome for your OSR adventures.

With description of 50 gemstones and the many reasons to start including them on your equipment.

The book allows for a new level of customisation of items for high fantasy games. The mechanics are straightforward and fit perfectly into your dungeon crawling, dragon slaying Saturday evenings.

Check out OSR Gems over on Drivethrurpg and give your players a world of new options for their characters!

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