Saturday, August 24, 2013

A dangerous artifact for Numenera

Petrified Beamer


Level : 1D6 +2

Form : It is a small hand held device with only one obvious trigger and function.

Effect : Upon contact the device will petrify all living matter. Dealing 6 points of at up to short range. If a PC gets to Zero in any pool from the damage for the beam they become frozen in place. The places the player in a state of suspended animation. The weapon does not seem to have a reverse statue function.

This weapon is a rapid-fire weapon and it can be used with the Spray or Arc Spray abilities that glaives and jacks have but each “round of ammo” used or each additional target selected requires an additional depletion roll. The weapon will replenish it's self to full capacity after a depletion if left in a warm, sunny and wet place for 28 hours.

Depletion 1 on 1 D20

The following are story hooks and aspects of the user / weapon interaction. Being very powerful i felt that a few words might help with balance, plus i just really like this Beamer and just may have to add it to the pile.

Some say the weapon is haunted and has passed from user to user for centuries.

The local Aeon Priest wants to buy it as it is the only thing that can stop his failed experiment.

The user slowly gains access to the people the user turned into stone causing a flood of knowledge and convoluted impulses.

The weapon has DNA detection and will not fire upon species that have owned the weapon before.

The weapon will not fire on members of the users own species.

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