Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The 4th of July

Now i don't know about you, gentle reader, but i am an American.

Tomorrow marks the 238th birthday of the greatest place on the planet.

Now that might sound like a bit much to some of you out there. But i can only tell you, i am in love.

I love my country for many reasons. For starters let me give you 300 million.

The people in my home are my people. They are my brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. They are my tribe. They are a bunch of smooshed up faces that fill my heart with pride and give my arms strenght. They are my reason for living and the people i would gladly die to save. They are the reason i would fight any man ever born who would threaten to take a single ounce of freedom from any single man jack.

They inspire me, teach me, anger me, make me laugh, make me cry. They are the kindest and most brutal people in the world. For each and every one of those reasons. I love them.

Each morning i look out my window and see the rich green land, the buildings, trees, sidewalks and roadways. It is the most beautiful place on the planet. The places i go each day are each works of art, blood, sweat, and tears. Each stands as a monument from those who came before me. Each a challenge to keep and improve. Each speaking of the character of a people, my people.

Sometimes i hear one of my fellows bellyache about immigrants and all i can say is. "If all i had to do is walk across a desert, jump a fence and hump some thousand miles to stand right where i am standing. I would still be here looking at you like half of your head is full of rocks.". Because this country has room in it for everyone who yearns to breath free. For those who wish to bestow a birthright of freedom to their children, i can think of no better a place. I have stood ready with rifle in hand for these reasons and i believe that i forever will.
Many years ago, in the streets of Philadelphia one of the founding fathers was asked. “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” to which he responded “A Republic, if you can keep it.” and keep it we have and keep it we shall.

So, on the 4th when you look up and see fireworks. Remember why we will the night sky with lights in celebrations. It is not just a day we celebrate a place.

It is a day we celebrate all America.

It's people and the land, the newest arrivals by boat or birth, those who protect her and those who make her so worth protecting.

So happy Independence Day America!

And here is to a million more!

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