Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saturn Aura...More than meets the eye!

With Energon loaned to the General Motors Corporation and the United States Air Force for the creation for Earth's newest champion.

A new Autobot took to the field in 2009. Modeled after the Saturn Aura for easy insertion into Human cities for reconnaissance. Wingshred brings his Nanoforged Titanium frame into melee causing wicked amounts of damage to his Decepticon foes.

Wingshred brings the power of Alien and American Engineering into the future with a bevy of military technology infused with the force of Energon.

Stored in the undercarriage of Wingshred is his special Transmission Cannon. A compact Nanoinfused Artillery piece. Capable of causing massive destruction or pin point annihilation with it's customizable delivery system (CDS).

The CDS creates the rounds from local material tearing apart the surroundings at an atomic level and reassembling them as various types of ammunition.

Hidden behind the headlights rests the newest weapon system designed by DARPA. The Hydrawing Dual Gatling Cannon is a compact and lightweight gyrojet. Capable of firing more than 7,000 round per minute and delivering sniper like accuracy at up to 2 miles.

The Decepticons may see Wingshred coming, but with his new hybrid weapon systems, there will be little they can do about it.



American Made Hero
Short fuse
Ready to rock, Ready to roll
Lightning fast

(+4) Fight
(+3) Athletics Shoot
(+2) Notice Investigate Stealth
(+1) Will Provoke Resources Craft

Transform (+2 to stealth when in car form)
Blades of Fury (+2 to fight when in melee)
Burn Rubber (+2 to Athletics when in car form)

A big thank you to Alex Corniuk for helping me put this together. He figured that the Saturn was the coolest car in this weeks Auto Trader (He's 7. Give him a break)

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