Sunday, June 23, 2013

The best ten dollars i spent all year.

So to give you the executive summer.

I played Dungeon World tonight ( . I enjoy Dungeon World. You should buy Dungeon World and play it often.

As is so oft said in the gaming community. They got some chocolate in my peanut butter.

Anything that is powered by the apocalypse ( is bound to be fun on a bun. 

Let me break this down for ya, Chief.

Well it's a funny story actually.
Ya see, i'm kinda good with computers.
Not super genius good. Just guy who likes computers and has played with them for a living.
So most problems are too easy. Most people make the same mistakes everyone else makes and it's a big country. If something is wrong with your computer. Google the damned thing.

I know.
That can be hard to do when your computer is broken.

But i digress.

So a friend of a friend is having computer troubles.
"Sure i'll look at it" i said.
Now as a fool, i don't take money.
Most of the time it's people over paying for 15 minutes of someone's time.
And i don't like it when someone hands me enough money to buy a new computer.
So i do things for barter.

If i walk into your house. Install a virus program, run a check and change a few things it takes me half an hour of sitting in a chair talking to some poor soul like i'm fog horn leg horn.

"Ya see here, boy. What's wrong with this here computer is. You turnin' off that there AVG and clicking ok to every pop up and official looking website."

Well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. But i think you get the idea.

So we'll call him Bill. It's a good American sounding name.
So Bill had an issue. I fixed it and shortly afterward he asked what i wanted.
I spent the next several hours printing and punching out the book.

I was shocked.
The way it was written pissed me off. It seemed to leap up out of the page and sort slap me around.

But i am getting away from where i wanted this rant to go, so i shall just boil this part down to this.
The book swore at me a great deal, it did so to set a tone for game play. The ideas contained inside of all of that foul language are amazing. And for that i was willing to power through the book.

Apocalypse World is a paradigm shift in how to run a roleplaying game.
I quickly fell in love.

Soon after reading the book, digging around for even more information i found a bevy of games powered by the apocalypse. Everything from Star Wars, Star Trek to "My Little Pony : The Apocalypse is friendship".  The game system lends itself so well to so many things that it has inspired thousands of people and created so much fun for any who would call themselves a gamer.

So to sum up a needlessly verbose bit of idiocy and justified praise.
I bartered for the bloody thing. One cool point to me.

Buy Apocalypse world, get it for your favorite GM for Christmas, play it and you will thank me. And if you don't feel the spontaneous urge to thank me, you are playing the game improperly. And if that is the case, shoot me a message and i'll show you how to blow the socks of your group using only two dice.


So go out and pick up these two great games.

They have inspired me and made me a much better GM.

Now have yourself an Airborne kind of day!

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