Saturday, June 29, 2013

Holy Cars, Batman!

batmobile pictureMaybe it's just me, and it probably is. But strangely enough i was never in love with cars from the movies or TV. My interests only grew after getting to sit behind the wheel of so many.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some spiffy cars on the boob tube. It's just a huge disconnect in my head between what i put in front of my eyes and what i park my 3/4th of an ass on. Video games and steering wheels are as close as i can get to most cars on a given day, but it is still the actual driving of a car that gets me.

So never having driven the Batmobile, i wasn't craving to translate Adam West tear-assin' into the pages of my book. But the other day someone who is normally full of good ideas ( +Joshua Macy ) brought it up. And then it dawned on me. People are more likely to use something like the Batmobile in their games, for starters, then they would be interested in a 2007 Skoda.

So let me show you the Batmobile as i would care to present it for FATE.

Now Batman has always been a rich kid.
And rich kids have a tendency to have some pretty spiffy toys.

Spiffy toys don't grow on trees sadly, they must be crafted by people who for some strange reason design cars that will almost never see the light of day.

One of those toys is the 1955 Lincoln Futura.

This whizbang device was handcrafted by a bunch of (Derogatory colorful ethnic slur) Italians in Turin, Italy. The Futura then hit the show circuit and famous automotive madman George Barris picked it for the batmobile.

1955 Lincoln Futura
Engine type         Overhead valve V-8 with a 4 barrel carburetor
Drivetrain layout Front Engine, RWD
BHP/ TORQUE      300 bhp / 415 lb·ft
0-60 MPH              10.2 seconds
Top Speed              100 Mph
Curb weight:            5500 lb
Easy to spot in a parking lot.
Handles like a boat.
Built like a tank.
American Classic.
Stress Boxes [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Now for a fictional Batman Batmobile i would remind people to remember the time period of the fiction. The car above could be lightened, boosted and ready to go by just changing the aspects used.

For this car i would stick to 4 aspects. This gives the car an extra stress box to reflect the heavy steel construction.

So the new aspects for our 1955 Batmobile would be.

Tuned and Turbo.
Billion Dollar Technology.
Built like a tank.
Instantly recognizable.

I will continue to look at the Batmobile from time to time.
But i am very much interested in your favorite cars and what car you are presently driving.

So till next time.

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