Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hey there cats and kittens!

My name is +Jonathan Henry and this is going to be the place where i shall be posting bits of news and interest that strikes my fancy. I have been rolling dice with people since i was 12 years old and managed to finally see Dungeons and Dragons played out in my folk's dining room.

Who? Me?
I'll tell you a secret, i was a bit of a jerk as a kid and gaming was a rather good outlet for a jerk. As a child and a jerk i got the grand distinction to run D&D because, well to tell the truth, nobody else really wanted to read the books. Now in the beginning i was a good dyslexic jerk who was just getting his feet under him with this whole reading books thing, well books this big. But the jerk in me found a frackin' (Yep, get used to it.) playground there in those pages and all of the sudden, after reading every gods damned D&D book i could lay my hands on reading became second nature. Reading, speed reading no problem.

It's a passion that has stuck with me all my life. I like to read and run games. The jerk in me has mellowed a bit with the effects of life and i am now merely a jackass. I have spent this year reading, playing and running all manner of games, talking to people. I am doing this for a bunch of reasons.

So how about we talk about that for a second.

So first and foremost. It's a hell'a lot'a fun.

Many moons ago i was a bit of a con goer. My favorite thing was spending time in games with new people. Learning how someone else viewed this particular game. To see what different books they had and what they thought of them. Learning that i am a Charismatic Bastard and well, still a jerk. Google Plus brings all of those gaming peoples to my computer screen.

I get to talk to folk who are in love with games i have never heard of. They ask and answer questions. They, well the vast majority, are normal, intelligent, quick witted, well read, interesting folk. Strangely enough my oddities seem to be perfectly fine, mind you that is only as long as i remain interesting myself. And brother, i got two crates of interesting out back.

It is a Gamer Education.

Now i know i have said it before.
But if you have missed a few episodes.

Strange things get stuck in my craw.
Gamer Vulgar argot can sometime poke my good old fashioned "Classic American Puritan" sensibilities. I will expound on it further later. (Trust Me)

Street Cred is often times bandied about in relation to roleplaying games and the general gaming community. To that i say, you are a gamer not some young chipped in meathead in a poser gang. You are better served with a Gamer Education than Street Cred. It's just the various inferences that could be made with each statement that seem to bug me greatly.

So i offer up something i call #DMU on google. Dungeon Master University.
It is a series of posts of quality that show gaming in a very interesting and enlightening manner.
From On Air Hangouts, Youtube, Math, History, bits and bobs that will make your game better.

But, i digress.

I have been spending this year reading exclusively game books or gaming related material. All in a hope to learn more about this hobby that has had me so fixated at all times. I want to expand my understanding of the hows and whys. Maybe discover what it is i could contribute to the gaming community that would be of sufficient quality to be an honest addition to the hobby.

So, i'll be running allot of games, making allot of notes, having a great deal of fun and each time learn something that makes my game better, and most often my day better.

Any day i get to meet a new gamer is a good day.

I enjoy hearing the stories of great people have played and or run. I like hearing what they think about systems. Each new gamer is a new idea, a new opinion and a new set of dice and books. Then on top of all of that, as i stated before, most of the folks are awesome.


I want to one day be able to make two dimes to rub together out of all this knowledge and learning. 
But to do that i need to become better. A better more knowledgeable DM. A more skilled and capable player. A more organized and thoughtful author. A more prolific author. Hown my mustache to perfection and bring quality that is sought after instead of meekly accepted.

That's gonna take a bit of time, patience and good old fashioned elbow grease. 
Not to mention all of the beer and pizza.

So as my first installment of madness from the Ringmaster here at Giant Dragons i bid you adieu, for i must be off to Gamer Chat.

Thanks, and have yourself an Airborne kind of day! 

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