Monday, June 24, 2013

At least in Cyberpunk 2020. I can get a new heart.

Well, hello there neighbor!

I'd like to tell you a story. Well mostly because it's how it happened and how it went down. Some things may be larger than life because, well because we *are* talking about a roleplaying game.

Every red cent i had went straight to that guy at the comic book shop. 

GURPS was a longtime favorite for a good cyberpunk game. Then as if by magic a strange book appeared in the little comic shop that is now a Mr. Hero. Cyberpunk, oh and look. What is this chrome book thing-a-ma-bob?

I fell in love. 

I played the hell out of it.
All the Chrome Books were found in Germany and damn near everything else came from various holes in the wall in Cleveland Ohio.

Then there was the card games. 

But i digress.

A smooth system for combat and social moves.
Awesome customization and a grand sense of humor throughout. 

Then R. Talsorian kinda dropped off the map. ( Well, for me at least. I was kinda busy with a silly kerfuffle in Europe. Busy gaming that is.

As soon as i had an address people could send stuff to, the first package was Cyberpunk 2020. 

In small rooms where 6 men shared space in what was once a detective's office. A single D10 and a slew of D6 we carried on with our anti corporate battle through the Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave. They took 10 heads to mexico for Uncle Enzo, as a favor.

Every game i ran was pure awesome.
Every game i played in was a great adventure of high technology and car chases. Lots of car chases. And don't forget the guns.

It was and is my goto game for anything Cyberpunk. 
It is hands down the very best Cyberpunk game on the market.

I am sad they are not working on more 2020.
I am even sadder because of what they did next.

So you like Cyberpunk 2020, eh?

Well (Insert dismissive expletive)!!!!!

So, i offer to you the following. I warn you now. That if you have not seen Cyberpunk Version 3. Don't look. Stop scrolling, close this window and go forth knowing that you are a better person for having not seen this. That your world still remains uncurbstomped.

At this point i will also remind you that i am very oddly peculiar about many gaming things. It is an aspect of being a jackass. Well here it is...


What in the holy hell?

Who told you this was a good idea.

This art is so bad that it colored everything i read. It came across as Cyberpunk goes to Sea World and became craptastic.

Now i'm not a big fan of panning a game for art, but come on guys.

This crap is like you went back in time and this creepy ass art you used touched me in the bathing suit area and then punched my Mom.

It's horrendous, it's offensive on many levels that only work inside the swirling mess that i my head space. And made me actively dislike the whole kit and kaboodle.

Alas i am still a fan of  R. Talsorian. and am very interested to hear what they are doing in the future. Maybe, just maybe their next venture will go better. 'Cause it couldn't get any worse.

So now, who is up for some Teenagers From Outer Space!!

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